Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Alpha Bakers -- Flo-Ro Elegance Cake

Happy Spring, Cocksuckers! Oh sorry, that was me thinking about Deadwood again. When the seasons turn, it's time to head back to the hills and try to start up that town again. That show is the best. Barely a day goes by that I don't think of the wisdom of the writing, especially this conversation:
Reverend H.W. Smith: When I read the Scriptures, I do not feel Christ's love as I used to.

Calamity Jane: Aw, is that so? That is too bad! Join the fuckin' club of most of us!

All that aside, happy Easter too, to those of you who like a good resurrection! All the little flowers were coming up at my parents' house and they were headed to a Ukrainian Easter eggstravaganza, so while they fussed about creating a little nest for Jello eggs (and Homer Simpson), I made a layer cake.

Mom, on the other hand, made blintzes with sour cherry filling. She has more sour cherries in her freezer than anyone.

This week's cake was the Flo-Ro Elegance cake, a chocolate layer cake (made with cocoa and unsweetened chocolate) with white chocolate caramel buttercream.

The recipe didn't seem difficult but I have trouble concentrating in kitchens that aren't mine, I did some fancy mise-en-place.
The caramel buttercream had a lot of steps but went very smoothly, although I did end up with many bits of chewy caramel in the finished buttercream. That was probably avoidable, but I thought it was a positive, so I left it. I filled it a little lightly--I'm always worried about running out of buttercream, and did a few layers of raspberry jam as well.

I didn't see the finished cake, as I was already on a bus back to NYC, but my Dad took this picture for me.
In addition to cake, the menu at the party included: "Cheese blintzes, cole slaw, salad, kielbasa, jello eggs, goyish babka, cherry blintzes (awesome), fruit salad, herring." This list is verbatim from my mother. The hosts of the party, a lovely couple that I have known for much of my life, each sent me an email, entitled 'your culinary delight.' Happy spring.





Vicki said...

Adding jam was a brilliant idea! Your post had me laughing right out loud. What a gem! Beautiful cake with the flowers.

Unknown said...

Your intro certainly got my attention. I haven't seen Deadwood, it sounds interesting. I find it disorienting to bake in an unfamiliar kitchen too. Still you didn't seem to have any trouble - your cake looks amazing.

Rachel said...

Glad to know I wasn't the only person who struggled with the caramel.

evil cake lady said...

I love, LOVE that you wished us cocksuckers a happy spring and Easter for those of us who like a good resurrection. Your cake is beautiful but those things will be my take-aways from this post. In fact, I am just going to stop reading blogs and go to bed so that will be the last thing I read tonight.

Katya said...

Update: My mom just reported that she used the last of the caramel buttercream in her freezer 6 months later in a birthday cake for Uncle Joe.