Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Liana in Uganda

My little sister is with the Peace Corps in Uganda. This is where she is about to live.

This is what she has been eating. She loves it, although her host family thinks she's anorectic because she eats so 'little'. Apparently they can really put it away. Now, though, she's cooking for herself, and I'm on the lookout for recipes that consist mostly of plantain and can be cooked on a propane stove. Also, she is interested in growing vegetables...what grows well in a mountain tropical climate that is not a terrible danger to native plants?

This is what they tell the students of a nearby primary school.

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Judith Motzkin Studio said...

Dear K,
Je suis tres amusee. I too love bread and baking, though since I have adapted the Sullivan Street Bakery/NYT no knead bread to a seeded corn rye, I make no other.
Thanks for the news and pictures about Liana. Good to see.
I love you.