Saturday, April 26, 2008

Steam Heat

Today I wasted a sizable portion of my afternoon making these Jade Dumplings from They are full of asparagus, sunchokes, mung bean sprouts, ginger, garlic, chickweed, carrot, reconstituted shitakes, and pretty much anything else that was lying around. I raided the farmer's market this morning, so quite a lot was lying around. I just haven't had much luck making wonton wrappers that aren't thick and doughy, so I have reconciled myself to buying them. Thanks to Ellen for the big steamer, I think it's about to get a lot more use.

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Joan said...

oh my god - jade dumplings, I'm hungry already!!!! Which is more fun - baking and cooking or writing about it?? What keeps your motivation up for trying all these new concoctions??? You are the great innovator!

your dad