Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Wild Hive Flour

On the recommendation of Local Fork, I emailed Wild Hive Farm to get some local flour. I arranged to pick it up on Saturday morning at Quattro's Game Farms stand at the Union Square Greenmarket. I then promptly forgot, and remembered only around 9 am on Saturday, so made an emergency trip out before my meeting, hoping those croissants wouldn't overproof. I made it, they made it, I went to the farmers' market 4 times that day, and I am excited to bake with my milled-to-order bread flour, corn flour, and pastry flour.

My previous experiments in artisan and local flour included been 'Colonial-style' wheat and buckwheat from Anson Mills, which was incredibly sweet-smelling, whole wheat from Wood Prairie Farm in Maine, and whole wheat and buckwheat (and kasha) from the Blew Family's Oak Grove Plantation in New Jersey.

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