Thursday, May 1, 2008

Buckwheat Bastards, Second Round

A second take on Daniel Leader/Eric Kayser's Buckwheat Batards, from Local Breads. What with Passover and all, the roommates were starting to take note of a lack of bread, so I got it together and made two kinds in a day. This batch of dough was a little dryer than my first attempt, probably because of the whole wheat bread flour. It was, therefore, easier to handle and shape, and I think came out as well or better. After thinking about the great crust on the no-knead breads, I decided to try an experiment and bake a kneaded bread in the dutch oven. The results were encouraging, though not decisive. On the left, the control, bread baked with steam on a stone in the open oven. On the right, the same bread baked in the heated dutch oven. Both look great, but the difference isn't that noticeable. Continued investigations to follow.

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