Friday, June 20, 2008

CSA Pickup #1

Those who read some earlier posts on the subject of strawberries might have noted a hint of envy in my tone, whenever I speak of the glories of Western Massachusetts, the pastoral Paradise of my youth. Well, here is one more enviable feature to add to the list. My parents (and practically everyone they know who doesn't plant a huge garden), belong to the best CSA ever, the Food Bank Farm.

Half of their produce goes to the local Food Bank, the other half goes in hugely abundant shares to their eager subscribers, who pick it up by the car and bike load. And they get to pick unlimited amounts of many many things, including strawberries, peas, herbs, beans, and acres of flowers. And it's beautiful there. There is no end to how wonderful my parents' CSA is.

However, Brooklyn certainly doesn't suck, we have great people, great restaurants, damn good public transportation, theater, boats... My life is just kind of more of a mini-life. My parents have a house, I have an apartment. They have a car, I have a metrocard. They have advanced degrees, I have a BA. They have the Food Bank Farm, I have Windflower Farm and the Prospect Heights CSA, delivered to a school near me every Thursday from yesterday through November.

This is our second year with the PHCSA. Last year we managed to use almost everything but several excess bell peppers, and this year, with more people in the house and more cooking than ever, I think we'll do very well, at least through August. We discontinued the fruit share, deciding it wasn't that great a value, and are just going with the full vegetable share this year.

First pickup was promising. I plan to take a shot of each week, and record our winnings here, to try for an informal cost analysis. I know, based on last year, that it's definitely a good value, and encourages extracurricular eating of greens I might not otherwise buy. It's also mindful and reasonably local (the farm's in Saratoga). So yes, Grandma, I do like vegetables. Very much.

Week One:

3/4 lb red radishes with greens
3/4 lb baby salad mix
3/4 lb kale
1 head of lettuce
1 head of bok choi
5 garlic scapes

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