Thursday, August 21, 2008

CSA Pickup #10

Summer is so wonderful. All spring I wait for just a little arugula, a few sprigs of rhubarb or a ramp or a radish, and suddenly there's everything in the world, not celebrated, not special, but just abundant. Despite the overabundant rain they've been having on the farm, our share this week was pretty impressive.

We got:
A bunch of carrots
a bowl's worth of mixed tomatoes (those dark ones are getting a little mushy but are incredibly beautiful inside--note the double fruit)two heads of lettuce, one red, one green
a pound of onions
two frying peppers
a small head of green cabbage
a big bunch of basil

I don't usually like fennel or anise-flavored things much, but Avi has promised a superlative watermelon-fennel salsa recipe. Stay tuned.

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