Sunday, August 3, 2008

CSA Pickup #7

I was still away for this week's pickup (this is getting to be a theme, but it will be all me come fall), but Libby and Rob brought home such a big and varied load of vegetables that I didn't realize until they told me that they hadn't picked up the week before, and none of this was carryover.

We got:
green snap beans
two heads of red Romaine lettuce, both showing a bit of wear from hailstones
a handful of yellow onions
three cucumbers or zucchinis
1 1/2 lb of red and gold beets
two sweet Italian frying peppers
a few tomatoes

Libby and Rob did a great job of prepping everything for easy use, and now we're working hard to eat our way through. Does anyone want a steady supply of cooking greens and bell peppers starting a few weeks from now? I don't know if Matt and I can eat it all once everyone's gone.

So far I've made a pepper/greens/green bean stir-fry with kielbasa and maple syrup and apple (the seasoning was Matt's doing), a crudo pasta sauce with tomatoes, garlic, basil, and corn, and shell bean pasta dish which used farm onion and beet greens. I also made and then had to throw out an unappetising recipe from Bon Appetit for creamy mustard beets, which just looked gross. Not going to be the recipe that pushes me over the line with beets, which are not one of my favorites. To put it mildly. Anyone want some beets this fall? I'm trying to just add cooked greens or lettuce to everything, every time I eat.