Friday, August 15, 2008

CSA Pickup #9

It's a good thing my CSA sends me emails. Otherwise I truly doubt that I would have remembered to pick this one up. Thursday was moving day #1, (or #2 if you include moving out of Matt's place earlier this summer (I do), and after loading up Libby and Rob's truck, we were physically and emotionally beat. They, of course, still had ten hours ahead of them, but they seem to have lived.

The vegetables were a hurried afterthought between shopping and meetings, but they were very welcome, and I'm glad some weary cell in my weary brain remembered to go.

We got:

a purple eggplant
green beans
bunch of basil
about 3 lbs of tomatoes in different shapes and colors (a little soggy, as warned, from all the rain)
bunch of scallions
one head red lettuce
one head loose radicchio, which I didn't believe was radicchio until I tasted it, it looks just like lettuceonions (we were supposed to get several, but the bin was empty, so I just sifted through for a few skinny ones)green bell peppers
the most impressive head of celery I have ever seen.
Nothing of note cooked yet, though I did make some tomatillo salsa from farmer's market tomatillos and chiles. I am addicted to buying peppers at the farmer's market. The variety and possibility just lure me.

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