Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Strangest Looking Dinner Award

In the 'trying out new vegetables' category, I found some purple long beans at one of my new favorite farmers market stalls. This stall not only has the most varieties of peppers, beans, and eggplants I've ever seen in one place, but every variety is beautiful and the whole layout of the stall is just so elegant, thoughtful, and inviting. I don't even like peppers that much, but I'm always buying theirs just because of the lure of the descriptions.

The purple long beans were an easy bet, though, because I already love string and wax beans of all kinds. I blanched them and then sauteed them with DiPaola hot turkey sausage, ginger, soy sauce, a little white wine, and some chopped pepper, then served them over hot rice. Sort of like a lo mein with beans instead of noodles. But don't they look like eels?

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