Friday, September 5, 2008

What do you see in the Rye?

Don't the markings on this loaf of Polish Cottage Rye just remind you of something...
Eyes and a nose? The fairy king brandishing a carrot? A tornado? Thoughts?

As I mentioned last time I made this bread, the dough is fairly sticky, so I decided that this batch would be best made in my new-old mixer. In retrospect, that wasn't the best idea, as I don't have a dough hook and so the mixture climbed right up the beaters and into their sockets. Cleaning job aside, though, the mixer handled the stiff dough very well, and the resulting product was easier to knead by hand. Definitely considering investing in a dough hook if I can find one that will fit this old mixer.

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Nettie said...

Yum-o!! That looks delish! I am not so good at baking.