Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blogger Incest (& Jam)

A strange realization hit me when I began to plan the week's posts. Nearly every recipe I've made this week (and most weeks) was cribbed from someone else's blog. Not only that, but several of those were cribbed from other blogs.

Looking at it one way, it's a wonderful sharing of ideas that allows a cook to see how several different cooks approach a single recipe. Having gotten a sense of the tastes and biases of each blogger, the amalgamation helps me see the direction I'd like to take the recipe in for my kitchen.

Looking at it another way, bloggers are an awfully incestuous bunch who can't think for ourselves. Also, any mangled keystroke made while typing the word 'blogger' tends to turn it into something that looks like 'booger.'

Ultimately, I suppose using recipes from other bloggers isn't much different from using recipes from cookbooks, in terms of creativity. Either way, I'm not writing them. But it is funny to watch the ripples of certain trends dribble through the blog world.

This week, many of the recipes I was drawn to involved some facet of jam...I love making jam, sauce, and jelly, but don't have a good pot to can in or a real canning confidence, so once I make a jam, I also spend a lot of time thinking about how to use it up. This recipe for a Jam Crostata from The New York Times via The Wednesday Chef via David Lebovitz has proven an excellent solution to this delightful problem. It's flexible, simple, and delicious, and now I've used up almost the whole jar of my homemade quince jam. Looking back, I see that David posted this recipe in July, when I must have seen it and filed it without knowing, because it came back to me out of some mental crevice the other day, and I wound up with this...

Not a bad day's work. For my next tart, if I don't just eat it all with a spoon, I made easy and unctuous (and I never say unctuous, but that's what it is) pear butter with nutmeg and cardamom. No picture here yet, but check out the link, The Traveler's Lunchbox has great photos. Pear butter is amazing. Make pear butter. Now. Simmer it slowly and gloat over its strange candied lusciousness.

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