Monday, February 2, 2009

Room for Cream (and Southern Belles)

Warning: This post contains only glancing references to food (there's coffee! and muffins! and...muff.)

Just a quick detour from the world of baked goods to let you know about something special, a bit late. You may know this, but in addition to eating cookies and frying sausage, Matt has many other talents. Specifically, he's a very gifted performer and writer, and right now he's performing with the cream of the Dyke Division of Two-Headed Calf in the live lesbian serial soap opera Room for Cream at La MaMa. The show, being set in the fictional town of Sappho, MA, of course hits a special note for me, but its campy charm and all-star cast could make anyone's night.

There's one week left to catch up, before Season Two begins. The cast is adorable and sharp, Matt plays a Pakistani tranny, and it's well worth staying up past 10pm on a school night. I'll be there.

As long as we're plugging, now is also a very good time to see the lovely Jill Frutkin in the TEAM's Architecting, at PS122. "A collision of horses, sex and hoop skirts, burning plantations and nasty hurricanes." (And she sings!)

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