Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekly Bread

From San Francisco to the deep South to Ireland, I made three breads this week; San Francisco sourdough loosely based on Daniel Leader's recipe in Bread Alone, and skillet corn bread and Irish soda bread from John Thorne's recipes in Outlaw Cook and Serious Pig. It was a big week for buttermilk, especially with the (upcoming) Tuesdays with Dorie recipe. Each of these in its own way was so simple, and so delicious. It's bread month over at The Brooklyn Kitchen, and I guess they've either got the season pinned or are exerting an unhealthy influence over my flour consumption. Or every month is bread month here.


Catherine said...

i love irish soda bread!! i hurried over to the traffic department last week when i heard a rumor someone had it outsider her office. then i stole 2 slices.

Katya said...

It was actually incredibly good. And it's much better for you than scones or whatever, no butter. although i did smear it with same.

Michele said...

All three of your breads look gorgeous!