Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday Without Dorie

I've been sneaking my baking time in like crack between my homework time. Last night I came home after a long long day of homework and work, holed up another three hours with my paper until it cried for mercy, and then somewhat guiltily escaped the office (yes! I actually worked in my office) and made pink macarons, cheesecake, roasted broccoli, and a much smaller version of The Silver Palate's "Chili for a Crowd," which features the unusual addition of dijon mustard.

The cheesecake was supposed to be for a new project I'm starting this month, and for Stacey's seder tonight, but since it got a bit waterlogged, we'll eat it, but I'll be making more. Everything else seems to have gone as planned, and I was happier last night than I've been all week. Kitchen sneaking is great. No Tuesdays With Dorie, though, couldn't face more cake after Passover's extravaganza (think sponge cake, matzo toffee crunch, chocolate chestnut cake...and unlimited macaroons of all varieties), so the 15 minute Chocolate Amaretti Torte will live to fight another day. More pictures and writing soon, I miss the kitchen and the blog, but schoolwork comes first.

Matt looked around the kitchen devastation last night and said...'I know, Passover, but you have to make granola and bread again...and," looking worried, presumably by my recent defections..."teach me how.'

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