Monday, July 13, 2009

Bread Baker's Apprentice: Corn Bread

In a brief break from yeast, (it won't be long, tomorrow Dorie brings you Brioche Plum Tart), Peter Reinhardt slips in some corn bread into the BBA lineup. This is northern corn bread, sweet and heavy, loaded with buttermilk and honey and wheat flour, and even a little butter, baked in a pan greased with a little hot turkey fat. I didn't use polenta, just coarse ground local corn meal, so I sped up Reinhardt's method somewhat and skipped the overnight soak, also the bacon.

It was moist, crumbly, and very good, dinner and dessert together.


Susie said...

Looks great!
I like traditional corn bread (johnny cake) better but it was fun to try this.
Nice baking along with you,

Leslie said...

A good cornbread is like money in the bank! This one looks awfully yummy!

The Missing Piece said...

Excellent job... I liked it also. It was great for breakfast also. :-)