Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesdays with Dorie: Tribute to Katharine Hepburn Brownies

Brownies. One of our snappiest American actresses, the sassy, classy, grande dame, is often remembered for her most shared recipe. No, not her French stews or even her roast chicken, not her blini nor her aspic, but her brownies. The world is full of contradictions.

Brownies are good--sometimes they're great, but they could never be called elegant, or even patrician. Probably it's one of those upper crust 'who-on-earth-do-I-have-to-impress' things, and my confusion is hopelessly bourgeois. Well, anyhow, I made La Kate's brownies the other day, slightly doctored up with coffee and cinnamon a la La Dorie.

They fell all apart, and they were soft and chewy, without being so fudgey that all I could taste was butter. The cinnamon and coffee were both strong, and next time I might pick one or the other, just to enjoy the purity more.

There were walnuts in the recipe too, but somehow I ignored them. I had also ignored the flour mixture of the recipe, but luckily noticed it sitting forlornly on the counter before it was too late, and stirred it in after the rest of the batter had been in the oven a few minutes.


Leslie said...

Sorry these fell apart on you! I stuck mine in the fridge to chill before cutting, and they were fine. Plus the gooeyness didn't come back once they were at room temperature.

TeaLady said...

And mine stuck to the paper - completely.

But, yes, they were good.