Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tuesdays with Dorie: Lime Cream Tart

Just a quick stopover on the way to cupcake roundups and campfire cooking, and our return to Brooklyn.

I'm getting odd about my Tuesdays with Dorie--I worry if I don't make it by Tuesday, but don't seem to have any ethic about actually posting it once it's made. Now that we're back from summer vacation, I'll work on that.

Theoretically I was on vacation hiatus, but last week's TWD was irresistible: a graham cracker crust filled with lime cream. Lime cream, like the lemon cream that went into the Mother of the Bride Cake featured a few months ago, is Dorie's challenge to the lemon/lime cream lover. 'Like decadent?' I can imagine her saying. 'Like tart? Well try this one...and add ginger.'

Lime cream is to lime curd what vichyssoise is to potato leek soup. More of everything. It's buttery, puckery, and eye-buggingly good. So, by the way, is the old fashioned graham cracker crust, which Liana could tell was good without even sneaking a taste as it cooled out of the oven. Or, so she said.

The recipe in the book came with meringue, but I think meringue is best in its other uses, and would have used whipped cream instead if the cream and crust weren't quite enough on their own.

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