Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesdays with Dorie: Chocolate Crunched Tart

I made this tart on the same day that I made last week's pufflets, and brought them both in to work. The 'turnovers' got a good response, but they couldn't touch the tart. In fact, once I finally located an implement (back of a fork) with which to cut the tart, one eater informed me that they made the turnovers 'taste like dirt,' and another told me that it was the best thing to happen to him since the office had moved a week and a half ago. Not bad.

The dessert in question, which can turn others to dirt and liven the days of very very put upon receptionists, was a tart layered with chocolate ganache and nutted caramel. It was supposed to have a tart crust, but I accidentally made Dorie's pie crust instead (it's on the page following the tart dough) and didn't bother to correct the mistake. Because I also didn't bother to allow the caramel layer to chill a while, it kind of blended into the crust and into the upper chocolate layer, which muted the effect but kept the taste wonderful. This kind of thing is not my dessert of choice, but no one can deny its near universal appeal (and it is good). Even Matt, though, who loves chocolate, said it well when he said it wasn't much different from eating hot fudge out of the jar. I can't explain why that's not as good a thing as it sounds like. I think, with my love of salt caramel, I would have preferred it with the layers unblended. Or just a great big fistful of salt caramel would be fine too.


Flourchild said...

Im glad you tried it. I thought this recipe was straight fwd and the results were good!

Shandy said...

The tart tasted delicious, your co-workers LOVED it and the crust was still wonderful! YUM and Success even though you may have been looking for something a little different =). I think so many of us are busy with life, work and family that we forget to give ourselves a break and be our own best friend. Great JOB!

TeaLady said...

Tart looks/sounds delicious. I can see where the blending would mute the flavors, tho. Try it again. It is almost like a toffee candy bar.

Glad you baked it.