Saturday, October 31, 2009

BBA Update: Kaiser Rolls and Marble Rye

I've been holding off posting some recent Bread Bakers Apprentice breads that I've made, because I got a little out of order, but I decided that out of order is better than just sitting on the photos forever--and losing some. I made Reinhart's Kaiser Roll recipe over a month ago, and was really happy with the light, loose, flaky crumb of the final rolls. I somehow failed to save any pictures, though, so you'll have to imagine those until next time.

I did manage to get a few shots of my attempt at Marbled Rye Bread. Here it is, posing with my new toy, a left-handed slicer. I bought the slicer at a tag sale in Park Slope a few weeks ago, eliciting cheers from the crew running the tag sale. The slicer, they said, had been their long shot, almost a joke...i.e...''we'll know we're brilliant salesmen if someone buys that."Although I own a perfectly good serrated knife, I was tempted by the slicer's elegant wooden handle and by the giveaway price, and I bought it.

The rye bread was wonderful, and I'm looking forward to making it again next time I get my hands on some rye flour.


Cindy Feingold said...

Your rye bread looks wonderful. I especially love the left handed slicer. As a fellow lefty, I can appreciate it.

misterrios said...

Awesome lefty slicer! And the bread looks great too. Too bad about losing the Kaiser Roll pics. Everyone had such a variety that it still wows me to see how everyone handled them.