Sunday, October 11, 2009

Carrot Harvest

The night before last, we harvested the final vegetables from our roof garden. The last to leave the ground were the scraggly little garden's dark horse, planted on a whim--the bucket carrots. All summer, we babied them and marveled at them, amazed that something so substantial as a carrot could really grow on our city rooftop.

Along the way, we pulled one or two, but left the bulk of the carrot harvest until the cold snap snapped and we hoped they'd be sweet and and as large as they could be.

I'd like to say that we harvested at night because we'd consulted several almanacs, the entrails of a chicken, and one or two oracles to find the exact perfect phase of the moon and pollen count at which to harvest, but really that was just when we got around to it.

Look at them!

We grew them, on our roof!
And, even more amazingly, our strawberry plant is still flowering.

Must transplant ASAP. But first, just another few minutes to admire the baby carrots. (posing with CSA carrots)

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Joan said...

now we're talking some carrots!!!