Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekend Bread

Here are some of the breads that I made at the bakery and at home this weekend.

Hamelman's formula for 'Vermont' sourdough.

Caraway seeded rye. This one, one of my favorite breads, was soundly ignored, at least until around 2pm on Sunday.

I'm still having trouble with my loaves bursting, which very rarely happens to me at home. I had thought it might be a problem with too little steam (no freezer at the bakery means no ice to throw in the oven), but for the Vermont sourdough my hypothesis is underproofing, because I slashed it very nicely indeed.

I also made a little bread to have at home--Leader's buttermilk bread, which he makes with currents but I like with dried apricots. Matt took some up to the neighbors, and came down about 20 minutes later with a napkinful of sourdough waffles.

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