Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hopelessly Devoted

My gorgeous sister and I resemble our outstanding mother in many ways. From her, we get our poor circulation, our childbearing hips, our singing voices, mild hedonism, and our slightly mocking sense of humor. There are more points of similarity, but why list? (My father, offended by my deprecation (there's that mocking sense of humor) has taken it upon himself to defend our finer attributes, below in the comments, and right he is on every point, of course.) Suffice it to say that where she leads, whe usually follow, and in some (few) things we even surpass. One of those is in our passion for all things fruit, in which we follow not only mother but grandmother (who makes killer compote) and aunts. Taught to pick berries and consume whole pineapples from an early age, washed down with about seven apples a day, we are voracious and unstoppable when there are pomes, achenes, berries, false berries, drupes, or nuts around. To prove this, Liana sent this picture of what she ate one day. And every day.


Joan said...

first two attributes for you, our sister and your mother are poor circulation and wide hips?? how about sparkling and effervescent personality, brilliant inquiring minds, creative and innovative temperament that you all share?? How about the ability to see the world in a unique was? And as for those luscious and wonderful hips, don't forget - they are earned. after all she is your mother!

love dad

Katya said...

Well, Dad, since I was writing about all of us, I didn't want to brag too much. That's clearly your job, and well done. And don't worry, luscious child-bearing hips well appreciated around here. If the above didn't make it clear, we follow wherever she goes HAPPILY, and hope to look and feel half so good in 25 years.