Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesdays with Dorie: [Dorie's] Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

A chance to amuse myself with my new cookie scoop? No problem. I think the NYTimes recipe has a slight edge, but these were quite nice indeed, and had walnuts. Chocolate chip cookies are a series of small refinements, as much technique as recipe, and for most of us, they're one of the desserts that we feel most confident with, in our preferences and in our unique approaches. When Dorie tells me how to make a kugelhopf, or a dacquoise, I usually follow her instructions pretty closely, but when it comes to Chocolate Chip Cookies, I find I have much more of an opinion, and so does everyone else on the TWD blogroll. I did it more or less Dorie's way, and even wish I'd followed up on some of her suggested embellishments, such as espresso or peanut butter, which  might have marked the cookies as more hers. As it was, they were ours, and I heard absolutely no complaints. 

For those tidy people who deplore the apple core and eggshell on the counter, let me tell you that the worms get first priority in our house these days, and their food has pride of place as it cures and readies for them.
For those how like to know how it was done, the recipe is here.


Mary said...

Your cookies look great! Have you got a worm composter? I used to have one and loved it. They are fascinating little creatures!

Flourchild said...

Yum your cookies look so yummy! Nice job!
I hope you can bake with me next week!;)