Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tuesdays with Dorie: Chockablock Cookies

I'll hold my tongue on twee cookie names this time, as this one is borderline. And descriptive.
These are molasses oat cookies with anything you feel like thrown in. I added chocolate chunks, chopped apricots, coconut (which meant that they were all given away rather than eaten in the house), almonds, and some toasted pumpkinseeds. I made these a few weeks ago during a flurry of pre-opening baking for my new play, A Thousand Thousand Slimy Things, but ultimately decided that they were too unusual for a concessions treat after my first taste-testers at the architecture office called them 'a journey.' (People buying show concessions generally prefer the most generic options possible, unless we're going on a theme and serving creamed herring with Russian plays or some such). Other baked goods last weekend included almond-anise biscotti adapted from Chez Panisse Desserts, fish and whale-shaped sugar cookies with cool blue royal icing, and pumpkin empanadas/pasties adapted from the Kitchn.

The ones that I froze for a few days then baked were noticeably better, moister (oddly), and just generally improved in texture.

This show has deranged my mind to the point where I'm forgetting due dates, double-scheduling meetings, trashing the house, and making very little sense. I've also misplaced my camera, so posts for recent baking are on hold momentarily. For some reason, though, even all the madness, I've been making tons of ice cream, in flavors ranging from caramel to lemon buttermilk sherbet to rhubarb to chocolate and maple. Scoop shots soon, and in the meantime, see you on the boat!


Vicki said...

I would probably really like these as I love molasses and oatmeal. I'll give them a try. Can't wait to see your ice cream post.

Jenna ("Foo") said...

You're very brave to do so much baking while working on a play! I know how hectic it is...

You've totally enticed me to make more ice cream! It's still cool in coastal Northern California, but it's sumer somewhere, right??

Mary said...

Thank you so much for baking along wiht me this week!