Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesdays with Dorie: Mocha-Almond Bundt Cake

 Not bad for a cake I started baking after midnight. I have a strange psychological 'midnight line,' where serious conversations or tasks become difficult for me after that magic hour--I can't watch the news, or discuss household crises, or really do anything useful, so when I get it together to turn out a quite decent bundt cake, I'm pleased with myself. Matt does usually have to wake me up to tell me the timer's going off, but, well, he's nice enough to do it, so there we are.

Coming off a week of Passover abstinence (if stuffing matzo muffins and brisket into my face with abandon can be called any such thing), I was excited about a cake, any cake. This one was a nice buttery bundt, made with ground nuts (Dorie suggests walnuts, I used the almonds on hand), instant coffee (I used regular espresso grounds), and some chocolate for good measure. I made it in my newest bundt pan, which is a little thin and cheap, and has many tiny ridges. I think from now on it's going to need a spray of Baker's Joy or something similar, but I managed to get the cake out without serious damage. It's a bit heavy, but Dorie says that up front, and in this cake, I think that's a buttery virtue. The nuts definitely add a good texture.


Hanaâ said...

That cake turned out pretty good, especially if you didn't start it until after midnight. I'm glad to know that almonds worked in this recipe too (I can't eat walnuts). Btw, is that a Justin Timerlake doll watching over your cake? :o)

Katya said...

No, friend. That there's Han Solo.

Flourchild said...

YOur cake looks good. Im well asleep at midnight, not sure I could bake at that hour!:) I made muffins.

Unknown said...

Katya, like you I baked this cake late into the night as well.

And I was sooo ready for it as well, after the HBC line up.

It turned out nice.. is Han Solo watching over that slice?

Pamela said...

Nice cake, but it looks even nicer with the chocolate sauce on top!