Monday, May 10, 2010

Heavenly Cake Bakers: Gateau Breton

This week's Heavenly Cake was the quick and buttery Gateau Breton. Ground almonds, butter, flour, and not much more. I actually made this back in March on one of those days when I just got an itch and had to bake something. Matt took it to his writers' lab, where it was largely ignored but lauded by those who tried it, although the general feeling seemed to be that it was 'breakfast-y.' I think it would probably be good anytime, despite the deceptive simplicity.

This weekend's Heavenly Cake baking was actually an advance on the cake coming up in two weeks, and included all kinds of chocolate, shininess, and gold leaf. One week rustic, the next week Bernachon. Thanks, Rose.


Patricia @ ButterYum said...

Love your description of this being deceptively simple.

I brought mine to a function and it too was largely ignored, but those who were brave enough to sample it were very pleased. Will definitely be making it again and again!


Vicki said...

Your cake turned out lovely. It is such a different concept of "cake" than what people are used to eating in the U.S. Little did we know what we've been missing!

faithy said...

Looks wonderful!

Alpha Baker Joan said...
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Alpha Baker Joan said...

This looks luscious!