Wednesday, June 30, 2010

CSA #3 - Working the Late Shift

Last Thursday I tried something new at the CSA pickup--I worked the closing volunteer shift. As was predictable, the shift was not only low-stress (I cleaned up a bunch of spinach leaves), but laden with extra perks. A local soup kitchen comes by for the bulk of the leftovers, but I didn't do too badly, coming away with about a pint of strawberries, a dozen eggs, a loaf of pugiliese-style bread, and an extra bunch of spinach, in addition to my usual share.
The regular distribution this week was green chard, french breakfast radishes, garlic scapes, lettuce, arugula, bok choi, spinach, a basil plant, kohlrabi, and scallions.
Having a pie shell in the freezer, I went Moosewood with some spinach ricotta pie.

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