Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesdays with Dorie: Delinquency

Apparently, making all the recipes in a lump at the end of the previous month makes me delinquent about actually posting them.

Last week's TWD recipe, which I made at the bakery, was Chocolate Ganache Ice Cream. It was my first time making it, and I may have under-blended the cream and chocolate, but I found it inferior to David Lebovitz's regular chocolate ice cream, which includes similar ingredients but adds cocoa powder and an egg or two more. All in all, this one gets an 'eh'. But doesn't it look pretty in Lily & Fig's fancy ice cream containers?
Making things worse, I actually forgot to photograph this week's recipe, Oatmeal Breakfast Bread, but no real loss there as it wasn't terribly photogenic. I made this quick bread as muffins, to send along with Matt to his rehearsals. In addition to sparking a competitive baking boom among his cast, the muffins were enough of a hit to earn me a commission from a certain mustachioed director of Matt's acquaintance, (amazingly, that description could fit at least three people), who ordered a weekly delivery of breakfast muffins, specifying that they be 'branny, breakfasty, and big.' I thought immediately of the City Bakery Raspberry Bran muffins, my favorites in that genre, but sadly no online recipe exists. If the gentleman wants to continue our association, I'll do some research.


Mary said...

At least you made it! My bread was not too easy on the eyes, and I didn't even make the ice cream.

Shandy said...

I read where you stated using applebutter instead of applesauce? I am sold! What a fabulous idea. I have my stock of homemade applebutter and wish I had thought of it. YUM!

Anonymous said...

The bread was rather tricky to photograph and i didn't do such a hot job. i'd much rather look at ganache ice cream anyhow ;)

Natalie said...

Thanks for baking with me this week, I'm sure it looked lovely!

Hindy said...

From going through the blogs, it seems the best photos this week were muffins.
Your ice cream looks good! I used milk chocolate and the flavour was very nice.