Monday, May 23, 2011

Heavenly Cake Bakers: Barcelona Brownie Buttons

My parents are debating a long-planned trip to Europe. They had been strongly considering Barcelona, but a friend recently informed them that it was a 'second tier' European city, and recommended they go to Rome. Not that Rome doesn't sound great, but I don't think Barcelona deserves the slur.

These particular brownies probably can't prove that point, though, as their name is somewhat incidental--they were created for an event there. I'm not a giant brownie person, and when I am, I actually like the inside pieces, the kind you cut. However, these were perfectly nice, with hazelnuts and cacao nibs in them.
They also took about 20 seconds to make. Glad to cross them off the list, probably won't make them again...but I'm possibly no judge, as I think Ghirardelli box brownies are spectacular.

On an unrelated note, Matt is now in Hamburg, and has gotten himself some puffed spelt cakes called Dinkel Poppers. DINKEL POPPERS. Thank you, German language, for being you.


evil cake lady said...

Your last paragraph is hilarious!

The brownie buttons look yummy; good to know they aren't much effort.

Joan said...

puffed spelt cakes??? what a treat

HanaĆ¢ said...

I like that you baked the brownies in a muffin pan. I too loved Ghirardelli's box brownies until I tried America's Test Kitchen's "Chewy Brownies". Yum! Recipe is readily available online. "Dinkel Poppers, was ist das?" :o)