Wednesday, July 20, 2011

News from the Swamp

Don't you just want to slurp that?
We're melting here. The words melt out of my brain before I have a chance to type them onto my melting keyboard. There's only one defense, one last bulwark before insanity sets in. Ice cream sandwiches. On Monday, when I was feeling a bit more mobile, I bought some tiny sugar plums from the Union Square Greenmarket. A few days later, having made short work of my caramel ice cream welcome home present for Matt, I adapted another David Lebovitz recipe to suit my sweet sweet plums. The recipe was for plum ice cream, but since I used whole milk instead of cream, I think it teeters on the edge of being plum sherbet. Either way, it is sharp and fantastically pink, with the help of a little splash of ginjinja. Because the plums were so sweet, I reduced the sugar called for by about one third.
The oatmeal cookies are also a David Lebovitz recipe, made without the raisins he recommends to better showcase the plums. I had qualms about turning on the oven but the recipe was so quick and the pairing so perfect that I didn't regret it. So pink!

Next up, vanilla/mixed pepper ice cream, with my brand new huge squashy Ugandan vanilla beans. Now, diving back into the cool lake bottom.

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Vicki said...

These look wonderful! Hope this heat wave blows out of town quickly.