Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Grave-Robbing and Baked Goods, in Park Slope

Photos by Avi Glickstein.

Winds of change, visions of apples. And Polybe + Seats is at it again. There's a play coming up, and that usually means a bake sale. This year it was whoopie pies, and buckwheat cookies, and most of all, tomato tart, adapted from this tart, with oven-dried CSA tomatoes, CSA rosemary, eggs from Tello's Green Farm. Park Slope never had it so good. And they bought it right up.
We also sold things for non-humans, of which there are many, many of whom are surprisingly well-off.
Only humans, however, and those in the spirit world, are invited to see Alice, or the Scottish Gravediggers, at the Old Stone House in Park Slope this Halloween season. Grave-robbing, medical minutiae, melodrama...who can resist?

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Marie said...

And who can resist reading a post entitled Grave Robbing and Baked Goods, in Park Slope?