Friday, January 6, 2012

The Last Tuesdays with Dorie: Kids Thumbprints

Between Christmas and the beginning of the New Year, my baking machine slowed down somewhat. Those are dark days, and dangerous. There were some deaths, some fears, some time in the frozen northland. And, well, there were some cookies. We have souls that must be fed, after all.

I thought about opening up some more, about going in deep with all the stories of the last few weeks and months. And then I thought about a new year. A new time. A festival of cousins and lasagne and fireworks and trombones, a festival of flying sharks and ukuleles. One night hand in hand.

And that seemed like enough. Except the cookies. The last Tuesdays with Dorie recipe of them all, posted appropriately over a week late. There's nothing I could say that my mother hasn't said better.
Here are some cookie pictures. I dedicate Wednesday to these cookies as that is pretty much all I ate that day.
Peanut butter thumbprints, rolled in egg white and chopped hazelnuts, filled with strawberry jam. She claimed she just kept eating them for the roasted hazelnuts.
Happy new year. 2012 is for opening the door.

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Liana said...

is eating cookies for the hazelnuts like reading playboy for the articles? nu, so they were delicious!