Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Alpha Bakers -- Sour Cherry Pi

Adventures in pie this weekend. March 14 was Pi Day (3.14), always a fun day to celebrate. The Alpha Bakers were making Rose's Sour Cherry Pie, and since that is one of my favorite pies in the world, I was completely on board. I even knew exactly which Russian grocery to visit for my frozen cherries. Of course, it was all the way out on Kings Highway, and before I knew it I had just gotten lazy, and was scouring my local fancy bodegas for jarred cherries. Didn't find them, although I know about forty places where they can be found, so I changed things up and bought frozen sweet cherries and a plum or two to make Rose's Cherry Sweetie Pie. Despite uninspiring plums and a potato starch that thickened a bit too much, the pie was a more than reasonable stopgap for Pi Day. My co-workers, volunteers, and the kid who'd ventured out early for tutoring were pleased.
I had made two batches of crust--one of Rose's cream cheese crust and one of the Four and Twenty Blackbirds butter crust. To fill the second one, I used the bodega blueberries and a peach or two. Out of season fruit. Less than inspiring. Still, I had a bit of crust left, and so I finally caved, picked up a jar or two of sour cherries in syrup, and made two little Sour Cherry Pies, reducing the sugar to 50 grams. Those I ate all by myself. See that flakiness in the pie crust? Now I just want to keep on making pie forever. This always happens. One pie is just not enough.


Vicki said...

They look so good! You are right, one pie is just not enough. I love the last photo. Looks like something in a bakery. I once lived on a street called Kings Highway in Iowa. My favorite address ever.

Patricia @ ButterYum said...

Yummo. So which crust do you prefer?

Patricia @ ButterYum

faithy said...

We don't get to see photos of your 4+20 blackbirds pie? Would love to see it! I think my pie filling was drier than next time i should put more juices from the jar.

Unknown said...

Is that the butter crust in the last photo? It looks incredibly flaky.

Katya said...

Faithy, I forgot to get a picture of the blueberry/peach pie. It was also a pinking shears kind of lattice look. I did a cream/sugar glaze on it and it baked rather unevenly, so it was dark in some places and whitish in others.

PhyllisCaroline, the last picture was a combo of crust scraps, so I'm really not sure which crust flaked up so dramatically. I think it had to do with the size of the pan and crust/filling ratio too. It was a very small pan.

Which crust do I prefer? Rose's is easier to work with and holds a shape better, and is actually flakier, usually. The 4&20 crust gets points for being all butter (I am less likely to have cream cheese around) and I find it more tender, with something of a more 'homemade' feel.