Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Alpha Bakers -- Crumpets

My aunt Nicki has an adorable quirk. She uses the word 'crumpet' to refer to the catchall category of breakfast pastry, but until a few years ago, had never eaten an actual crumpet. When we discovered this, we bought a few at Stop & Shop and ate them, but it wasn't until I had a crumpet at the famous Crumpet Shop in Seattle's Pike Place Market (a place much beloved by my friend Rachel, who has excellent taste in breakfast pastry and tea), that I started to think of crumpets as something I might like to make. In retrospect, they live on the spectrum between pancakes and English muffins, so what's not to like? I'll make and eat anything that can be spread with butter and jam. My crumpets came out well, although next time I'd make the batter a little wetter to encourage more hole creation. But there will probably be a next time, despite the alluring bewilderment of breakfast pastry that's out there. I'm kind of intrigued by these.

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Vicki said...

Nice and golden with good sized holes. We used to have a Stop N Shop here with the funniest jingle on tv commercials.