Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Alpha Bakers -- Giant Jam Cookie

In the case of the Giant Jam Cookie, I'm tempted once again to quote Leslie Knope. 
One could [make] that. But should one?

 On the other hand, there's no compelling reason not to make a giant jam filled butter cookie. It's easy to do, you can play with acorn shaped cookie cutters, and jam is delicious. 

I made this cookie a few weeks ago, and since then my brain has been melted and re-formed by some of the best that New York theater can offer -- see here for more, I haven't fully processed yet and may never be through. 

Despite my best intentions, I wound up eating the entire thing. First I took it to work, but forgot to offer it to anyone. Then, I took it up to MA, but my parents weren't eating sugar. What can a girl do?

Make cookies. Be alive. Forgive. Refuse to forgive (thank you, Taylor). Lie down. Get up. New Year. L'Shanah Tovah. May it be sweet. And bitter. And tough. And new.


Nicola said...

Love this post. When your subconscious delivers a huge cookie!

Vicki said...