Monday, May 26, 2008

Liana's Kitchen

My best and wonderful and only sister remains in Uganda. When I last posted about her, she was just moving to her site, a boarding school in the rural western sector of the country.

Since then, she's been teaching, traveling, and waging an ongoing battle with a hoard of invading rats. It looks suspiciously like karma, as she spent most of the previous year doing rat brain surgery, but I'm going to just chalk it up to fate and the general pervasiveness of vermin.

Her students are coming back now from a month-long vacation, so she's going to spend more time actually teaching, but in the meantime, it looks like she's been learning how to cook, the post-it way. (It's worth clicking on the image to enlarge.)Hopefully, I'll have something to report on what she's cooking shortly. Right now most of the reports verge more on the rat-trapped-in-the-sink variety, but she's working on cat acquisition.

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