Saturday, April 11, 2009

While I was packing to leave Egypt...

I know, what am I doing posting bagels and pie when it's Pesach. Truly, I'm eating matzo and carrot kugel et al. I have a huge container of matzo ball soup in the fridge for lunch. But I'm playing a bit of catchup and wanted to share with you my first bagel attempt. I'll post a more enlongated version of my next try, as there were some kinks I want to work out, but here they are.
As you can see below, actually giving the bagels the recommended rise in the refrigerator overnight instead of getting impatient and baking them right away does have an effect. The specimen on the right is the only refrigerated experiment, and is not only twice the size of the others but a much more respectable shape. Next time.

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Unknown said...

Those look beyond excellent. I'm maybe a little more convinced of the superiority of New York bagels now. Or of homemade bagels. I should try to make some myself and see how they come out.