Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesdays with Dorie: Brioche Peach Tart

This is, for me, Dorie at one of her best moments, one of the special places where our tastes really overlap. Sweet brioche, baked in a tart pan and covered with raspberry jam and peaches and sugared almonds. I gave away both this and the cornbread with just a few slices out, but had they stayed around I could have easily eaten this in a day.
To make the brioche, I just mixed everything up in a bowl, beat it until I got bored, let it rise a bit, beat it some more, and continued doing that for a few rises. I wasn't sure that it was working, but in the end, it seemed to do well. I missed the instruction that it was suppose to be in the refrigerator during all this rising and mixing, but it did all right anyway. I refrigerated for about a half hour before spreading the dough into the tart pan, just to make it easy to handle. Because this was a half recipe, it cooked quickly, and I tented it with foil after just 10 or so minutes to keep the brioche part from burning as the peaches cooked.

This week's dessert was selected by Denise of Chez Us, and the recipe will be up on her page tomorrow.

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Hindy said...

I agree. One of Dorie's best ideas. Your tart looks lovely. Glad you enjoyed!