Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesdays with Dorie: Rick Katz's Brownies for Julia

This month's TWD recipes were so intuitive that I made almost all of them ahead. The night of these brownies was a good night for Matt and Jill, because if left to my own devices I will rarely make one of their favorite desserts. I love brownies, but oddly for me, I make no secret of my allegiance to the Ghirardelli mix--I like it better than almost any other brownie I've ever made. And since I don't usually keep mixes on hand (unlike this week's recipe maven, Tanya of Chocolatechic, who's realistic about her needs), that means there just aren't many brownies around, unless Dorie steps in. But really, if it's good enough for Julia (Child, as it happens), it's good enough for me. These were meant to be very lush, gooey brownies. I spread them thin and overbaked them on purpose, so they were more just rich, not the lava cakes that a lot of the TWD crowd came up with. Those looked good, though, so maybe I'll re-approach this one when I make brownies next year. 

For those of you are are more frequent brownie people or just want a good recipe, here it is.


Gracie said...

Your brownies look yummy!
I loved the gooey brownies. I wanted to make a second batch and bake longer too. Easier to pack for on-the-go snacks or lunches.

Susan said...

I over baked mine too. Read too many comments about liquid brownies. Actually, I didn't hear the buzzer go off and they over baked by several(many) minutes. But, I thought they were perfect. Yours look great!