Saturday, May 1, 2010

Heavenly Cake Bakers: Coffee Chiffonlets with Whipped Cream

Back to babycakes!
Although I usually substitute pans and shapes with abandon (sorry Rose and NordicWare), in the case of these little cakes, an angel food cake pan of some kind, large or small, would have been a help in maintaining height. Although these chiffon cakes have eggs in them, their texture is light and spongy, and because making them in cupcake pans made it impossible for me to invert them during cooling, they shrank alarmingly.
They still tasted good, though, so I brushed them with coffee syrup and went ahead. A search of five bodegas and a supermarket in my neighborhood (which is strongly Caribbean, and has a fairly small Latino population) yielded infinite condensed milk and no dulce de leche, and I didn't have the time to make any, so my whipped cream got flavored with a mix of golden syrup and dry milk powder, which actually tasted quite nice.

I put them out at the bakery, but because I then ran off into a very busy week, I don't actually know how they did. If anyone had one, let me know what you thought. I would make them again, or make the recipe as a large angel food cake, if I ever get it together and get an angel food cake pan.

And yes, doubters, there are pieces of kitchen equipment I DON'T possess. Really.

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Marie said...

You have to try the dulce de leche whipped cream some time in your life. Really--it's so much easier to put on your lifetime achievement list than, say, "learn Spanish."