Monday, July 26, 2010

CSA #7: The Weight

As I may have mentioned, we were away for two CSA pickups, which Libby and Rob were happy to take over. Returning to town this past week, we found that the shopping bags were getting heavier to carry. Instead of the lettuce boom of the previous few weeks, we were suddenly getting all the summer vegetables--cucumbers, tomatoes, summer squash, beets, cippollini onions...

The pineapple, I'll admit, didn't come from Windflower Farm. So I'm not a perfect locavore. But in addition to what's pictured I'll also have green beans, basil, and kale to enjoy this week. So I'm doing all right. Dumplings and fritters are the favorite uses so far, although I'm working on tarts. And just eating plenty out of hand.


Patricia @ ButterYum said...

What a lovely bounty. Have you tried Oven Baked Kale Chips yet? I did a post on my blog about them not long ago. They're wonderful.


Vicki said...

Well done! What a healthy bounty you have there. I've wanted to do the weekly local box delivery for a long time.