Monday, September 27, 2010

Heavenly Cake Bakers go '50s: Tomato Soup Cake

Campbell's sure make a lot of kinds of soup, don't they? And before yesterday, I have no memory of ever buying one. I'm not saying I never had canned soup, but my family were Progresso loyalists, for some reason. But this cake called for Campbell's, and Campbell's it got.
Ah, tomato soup cake. Who would have thought that this would be the year I made Mountain Dew Cake and Tomato Soup Cake. I'm a one-woman church supper (although I haven't made brownies or chili quite a while... All the same, although many will find this shocking, I did exactly what the recipe said and bought a little can. The full recipe was for a 9", two-layer cake. I halved it and baked it in one layer in an 8" pan, which resulted in a cake that was fully large enough to torte into two layers, although not the tallest of layers.
Because we love overkill here at Rose's Heavenly Cakes, the ganache also has tomato soup in it. Really, what's not to love--fruit, salt, and probably some fat and stabilizers? Standard cake add-ins, if you think about it.
I fed the cake (with slightly drippy ganache) to friends last night and told them there was a secret ingredient and it was very '50s. They had plenty of guesses, some of them impractical (banana, jam, prosperity, anti-communist propaganda, no pre-marital sex...), but only guessed the correct secret ingredient when I began pointedly intoning 'Andy Warhol...ANDY WARHOL.' Then we ate it.


Vicki said...

Andy Warhol, good clue!

Catherine said...

but did it taste good?