Friday, June 7, 2013

Ivoire Royale

These pictures are terrible. You can't see the creamy inside, with strawberries and white chocolate sour cream ganache. You can't see the painstaking process of building this lovely cake, freezing it, and decorating it. You can see the melting whipped cream, and the beads of condensation decorating this cake because I lugged it to work in the heat. But you can't see the glee on the faces of co-workers who ate it anyway, because it was amazing.
Yes, it's another bake-through, with some old friends from the Heavenly Bakers crowd. Yes, their photos and blog posts are much prettier. Yes, I'll do better next time. But here's a look at a cake from a nice day a few weeks ago. It is from Extraordinary Cakes, by Karen Krasne and Tina Wright, and is a sour cream pound cake with whipped cream and berries and white chocolate ganache. It is excellent. That is all.

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