Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Alpha Bakers -- Hamentaschen

Chag Sameach. Purim. That holiday of costumes, noisemakers, bad jokes, drinking, and miracles. Or sheer blind chutzpah. And tiny little triangular cookies.
My go-to hamentaschen recipe, saved from a million Purim carnival bake-a-thons in my teens, has orange juice, so the only change I made to Rose's recipe, which is a soft, buttery sugar cookie dough, was to added about one and a half tablespoons of powdered Meyer Lemon zest, leftover from the posset. The flavor effect was subtle.

For fillings this time around, I went with prune butter and the pear jelly I got last week, and I made very small cookies. My teen book discussion group approved.


faithy said...

Tiny is good! I like tiny cookies! :D Yours are cute! I wonder if prune butter taste better than the dried prunes? I like fruit prune, but I don't really like the dried up version.

Mendy said...


Looks great. Like your description.

Chag sameach. Don't forget to get drunk until you can't tell the difference between blessed is Mordechai and cursed is Haman. :)

Vicki said...

I can't believe I never heard of this holiday. The prune butter and pear jelly sounds really good. I made the prune filling in the book and it was very good. Seeing these cookies so makes me wish I'd made a double batch. Adding the lemon was a great idea. Orange sounds good, too. Would love to know what books your teen group reads.

Patricia @ ButterYum said...

I would have preferred these a tad smaller. Love that you filled them with pear too - I want to try that! If you get a chance, I hope you'll stop by and see my post.

Patricia @ ButterYum

Michele at The Artful Oven said...

Hi Katya--Your cookies look delicious--I wish I had made a couple of other fillings. I would like to try them again.