Thursday, December 31, 2015

Alpha Bakers -- Peppermint Sprinkle Cake

I can't pretend that I was really into this one. White cake, white frosting, unnecessary peppermint...Not really my style, but I made it and lived to tell the tale, and also made a fabulous and epic cake that was my style. Here's a note or two about both! The cake above is an egg white butter cake, flavored with peppermint oil. I think I overbaked it slightly, but I didn't even taste it, because...I don't like peppermint flavored things, unless they're breath mints.
I made a half recipe of the cake, which filled two six inch pans very well, and then intended to make a half recipe of the frosting, using a halal bar of aerated white chocolate I'd been given by a very nice library patron. Turned out the bar, because it was filled with air, was very light indeed and I was only able to make .26 times the frosting recipe (a white chocolate custard buttercream), so the filling was a bit sparse, though I did add some jam. Instead of the recommended candy canes, I decorated the cake in Christmas cookie sprinkles that were lying around, and it looked right sweet. I took it in to work, took it downstairs, and never heard another word about it, although I assume it got eaten. Everything does here.
I was happy that the cake base was an all egg white one, as I have a lot of leftover egg whites on hand from making the cake pictured below, a Christmas day princesstarta. Princesstarta, which is essentially a trifle in cake form, covered with a marzipan lid, is one of my favorite cakes both to make and to eat, and it was a triumph. In past years I've used different combos of recipes to make this cake, which is very forgiving, but this time I went straight Mary Berry and the results were excellent.


Rosa V. said...

Your cake looks wonderful and I bet it's going to be delicious , great timing for the New Years ,have a happy one 2016.

Vicki said...

Both cakes look great! My granddaughters have been asking me for years to make a Princess cake but I can't figure out how to make it dairy free.

Unknown said...

They both look beautiful. Not to mention delicious!