Monday, April 14, 2008

Pain de Campagne

A very basic recipe from Local Breads. Daniel Leader claims that most pain de campagne is more or less baguette dough treated differently. This one is white with bits of rye, and whole wheat. The flour from Wild Hive has a subtle graham-y smell. I did have to add a lot more flour than recommended. I felt guilty doing this, because he specifically advises resisting the urge and keeping the dough very wet, but what I added just raised it above the level of batter into the realm of sticky dough. Final texture was excellent.

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Unknown said...

Katya is the George Hearst of bread-baking. The flour talks to her and tells her how much to add. She is, however, less violent than Hearst, as is befitting to her industry. She cops to being equally sullen on occasion. Readers should note that the comparison to Hearst is drawn from Hearst as portrayed in the popular Deadwood series of HBO, which I have Katya to thank for having Netflixed.