Thursday, July 10, 2008

CSA Pickup #4

You might ask what became of CSA pickup #3. If you asked, I would refer you to my official out of town pickup assistant, who got to keep all the veg. this week because we were in MA for a wedding. While I biked around Northampton and picked strawberries and peas as the Food Bank Farm (sorry, PHCSA, you'll always be second best--they have organic tamari and flowers), Stacey and her assistant Avi went on a mission to the school.

Here is her report.

the take:

1 bunch purple basil
one bunch scallions
2 lbs baby beets
one bunch bok choi
one f-ing huge turnip
1 1/2 pounds swiss chard
1/2 pound beautiful salad greens
1 head lettuce

i fed the swiss chard and purple basil (in the form of purple pesto) to abigail because SHE NEEDS TO EAT LOTS OF COLORFUL VEGETABLES BECAUSE SHE IS HAVING A BABY IN MARCH!!!!! and we might roast up the beets and turnips to take to brater's house tonight for the 4th of july. but we get ours tomorrow, so there are definitely veggies in your future if you want them. i am mad for condiments - salsas, pestos, rubs, fun. oh, and we ate some of the salad greens this morning with baked eggs and toast. yum.

your csa is a little more organized than ours, but i like the outdoor gardeny charm of ours. avi decided we should comparison shop and go visit all the other csa pick-ups this summer. when we got there they hadn't quite gotten set up yet, and there was no sign, so we just tried various doors and felt like we were breaking into something. but it was nice to bike around prospect heights (we ate lunch at tom's) and see all the pretty houses.

Thanks, Stacey.

This week, I went early to do my workshift, which as the CSA has grown has become amazingly painless. Unload a truck, lay out some boxes, write some signs, collect veg., go home. Under an hour, thanks to Kimberly, the fantastic site manager.
This week, we got:

1 head broccoli
2 cucumbers
1 and 1/2 1bs purple topped turnips
1 head lettuce
1 head bok choy
4 garlic scapes
3/4 lb mixed cooking greens (i took chard and yizuna savoy)
To the left of the photo are some lambs-quarters and purslane that I foraged on the way home.

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