Thursday, August 7, 2008

CSA Pickup #8

True to my word, I actually made it to pick this one up.
It wasn't as easy as it sometimes is, because first I worked until five, which never means leaving the office by five of course, then, as I was speeding down Court Street, my big toe and sandal caught on a grate, leading to the final demise of my ailing sandal and some damage to my toe, and causing me to limp across the street to the discount store to purchase some 99 cent flip-flops that said 'Junior Mints.'
I was not much hurt but very much rattled, and arrived at the school for pickup a full half hour late. Matt met me there and very kindly assured me he didn't mind his long wait. From memory, we scored:

1.25 lbs string beans
3 green bell peppers
3/4 lb yizuna
1 bulb garlic
2 cucumbers
approximately 2 lbs of assorted tomatoes, including Juliets (that's the only variety I remember)
3/4 lbs baby lettuce salad mix
several onions
We may have gotten more, I just don't remember offhand. Amounts may be slightly off as well. I slow-roasted the tomatoes (about 3 hours at 250 degrees, soaked in oil, sugar, salt, and oregano) and we threw them with sausage into some pasta and had string beans with lemon, walnut oil, and pine nuts.

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