Friday, September 12, 2008

CSA Pickup #13

Notice something different about the pictures for this entry? They're really good, aren't they?
Sadly, that doesn't mean I've improved. It means Matt, who picked up the vegetables and helped unload the (very late) truck, is also a better photographer than I am. Glad someone's doing justice to Ted Blomgren's wonderful vegetables. This week, we got...

1 head garlic
3 tomatoes
1 large eggplant
1 zucchini and one yellow squash
1 head fennel
green beans
strong, bitter arugula
bell peppers, green and orange
a bunch of basil
1 head lettuce
carrots, orange again. the verdict from informal tastings is that the white are the sweetest, followed by orange.
Matt got busy with some sausage and peppers, mixed with leftover roasted tomatoes. Then last night, he got fancy with almondy green beans. We have discovered that the vegetables spur us on to make pretty impressive dinners, as we try to imagine what we'll do with them all.

Tonight was corn pudding, turkey hash, and steamed arugula, but the most interesting vegetable contribution came via our new kitchen toy, the juicer. This was a gift from Matt's parents, and could very well capture my attention for quite a while, especially while I am drowning in vegetables. This afternoon I made cantaloupe-carrot juice, and then I had an idea and added in the fennel, which was surprisingly good. Maybe the rule is, if you don't like it as a vegetable, drink it. (I am not trying that with eggplant).

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